About Grace Pointe Church

About Us

A Bit of Our History
The story of Grace Pointe begins in 1964 with a group of men and women with a passion for people and a desire to share the truths of the Bible in real and relevant ways. Our first gathering occurred with lawn chairs, an upturned footlocker for a podium, and a radio program. We began as Naperville Bible Church (NBC). Later that same year, we sent someone to India to help share the life and love of Jesus. The following year, we met at Highland School and then bought land at E. Chicago and Oleson, which is the current site of our Naperville Campus. In 1972, we built an education wing and then, eight years later, added a multi-purpose room. With our heart for our Jesus, our neighbors, and the world continually growing, we established an Awana program in 1986.

By 1992, the church had built the room we use at our Naperville campus for our weekly gatherings. The design is unusual in that it is a geo-dome design. This allowed the parts of the roof to be built on the ground and then assembled into the geo-dome structure. Though Grace Pointe didn’t have much in the way of financial resources, we had men, women, and children who loved God’s church and the cities in which they lived. We couldn’t afford to hire a construction firm, but we did have one of the builders of homes in Naperville as one of our members, and we had willing hands and feet ready to work long hours. Those hours were full of laughter and joy, reflecting the church God was building.

In 1998, we changed our name to “Grace Pointe Church.” We knew we wanted to be points of grace in the world. Changing our name would help us plant campuses in more communities because our name wasn’t tied to a particular city. It also reflected our heart for showing God’s grace to the world.

In 2002, we planted our first campus in Plainfield. It was a learning curve, but we soon saw God’s church thriving there as people heard about Jesus, learned His voice through His Word, and followed Him as a point of grace. Both campuses are fully self-financed and self-sustaining, though we share beliefs, branding, accountability structures, tithing to missions, and so on.

Our Vision, Mission and Values
We envision “a world full of healthy local churches.”

We work toward that Vision by being laser-focused on spiritual maturity. Our mission is, “To help as many people become as much like Jesus Christ in the shortest time possible.” Grace Pointe is growing, changing, and learning to be a community where everyone can mature in Christ.

To help guide us in our Mission toward our Vision, we have 4 Core Values that make up the heart of our church:

  • The Word is the Filter: The bible helps discern His voice.
  • Pray at all Times: A running dialogue with Him keeps us on track.
  • Love Shapes Character: Because God is Love.
  • Go to Grow: The order matters.

Our Pastor
Derek Webster arrived at Grace Pointe in the fall of 2014. In the years since, we’ve formulated our core values and worked to create pathways and culture that reflect who we are and who God longs for us to become. We’re God’s church and He is teaching us how to live by grace and walk in freedom!

The future is being written. We would love for you to join our story.