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Sharing Your Faith

Sharing Your Faith Sharing your faith can feel overwhelming or even scary for some people. We may not always know how to bring it [...]

Sharing Your Faith2019-03-25T08:22:37-05:00

Serving at Grace Pointe Church

Serving at Grace Pointe Church Considering where you should serve at Grace Pointe Church is a process. We hope every regular attender at Grace [...]

Serving at Grace Pointe Church2019-03-25T08:22:31-05:00

Counseling at Grace Pointe Church

Counseling at Grace Pointe Church Life can often feel confusing, frustrating, or overwhelming. The stresses of life, loss, and love can sometimes feel difficult [...]

Counseling at Grace Pointe Church2019-03-25T08:22:25-05:00

Men’s Activities

Men's ActivitiesMen today face many challenges, especially those looking for men's activities in Naperville. It can be confusing to be a man in the 21st [...]

Men’s Activities2019-03-25T08:22:18-05:00