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The college ministry at Grace Pointe Naperville is an extension of the student ministry. We want to come alongside and support our college students as you continue your studies, navigate the first few years of adult life, and transition from the student ministry into the adult ministries of Grace Pointe (or your new church home, if you are away at school).


Your first priority is to attend a worship service at a local church each week. For local students, Grace Pointe Naperville has services on Sundays at 9:00 and 10:45 AM. Need a ride to a worship service? Let us know! We have several non-weird people who would be willing to give you a lift. Need help finding a church to attend while away at school? Contact us! We will be glad to help you research and find a solid church that is the right fit for you. 


In order to move forward in spiritual maturity, you need to connect with other believers from your church in a life group. Life groups provide opportunity for Bible study, Christian community, and accountability. Campus ministries alone will not meet this need. At Grace Pointe Naperville, we offer Unleashed, a group for young adults, on Tuesday nights from 7:30-9:30 PM (lower level, room 130). For more information about Unleashed, contact Josh Christian at We also encourage college students to join multi-generational groups or groups with slightly older men, women, and families. You hang out with 18-20 somethings all-day, every-day – trust us, you would benefit from the wisdom and life experience of those who are a little farther ahead on the journey. For more information about life groups, click here, or contact Larry Jacob at

In addition to life groups, Grace Pointe offers Men’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry, and we have mentors available throughout the year. If you are interested in being mentored, let us know!


The church you attend during school will remain just that – “the church you attend during school” – until you find a place to serve. That’s when “a church” will become “your church.” Grace Pointe is a place where you can serve and use your gifts, and a place where you can belong. Contact Larry Jacob at to learn more about ways to serve and get involved, or click here.


-November – Serve as a junior leader for GP Students Fall Home-Retreat (11/15 – 11/17). Away for school? We’ll pay for your gas to travel home if you help out with the retreat! Contact Henry Dutton at if you are interested in serving.

-December – GP Students Alumni Christmas Party at the Duttons’ Home. More details coming soon.

-Spring – College Care Packages – Interested in receiving a box full of goodies from your Grace Pointe family? Send us your school mailing address! Contact Henry Dutton at

-May – Attend our high school Graduate Celebration Banquet, share about your experience of transitioning into college, and encourage and challenge our graduating seniors as they prepare for the next chapter of their journey. More details coming soon. Contact Henry Dutton at if you are interested in serving.

-Summer – College Life Group + Summer Party. More details coming soon.