Family Ministries

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Family Ministries

Junior High
High School

Grace Pointe values family ministry. As a church, we want to help your family grow in your faith together. We offer many opportunities for each member in your family to develop their faith in an age-appropriate way. Our vibrant children’s ministry will begin your children on the journey to follow Jesus. We also offer ministries for junior high and high school students to help them continue to know and grow in Christ. As parents, we want to partner with you in developing the faith of your children. You can subscribe to our Parent Toolbox to receive helpful parenting tips. You can learn more below.

Family Ministry at Grace Pointe Church is more than ministry to children. Our church also offers amazing ministry to men, women, and life groups for the whole family. We also offer multiple opportunities throughout the year for families to serve through local community involvement or even overseas missions. At Grace Pointe, we want to see every part of your family develop a vibrant, mission-focused faith that will transform the world with the message of Jesus.

Parent Toolbox

Parent ToolboxFor Family Experiences designed to help you as parents strategically pass down your faith to your children in an annual ceremony, visit our Family Experiences website.