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Family Ministries

Junior High
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Our Mission: To help as many people become as much like Jesus Christ in the shortest time possible.

Core Values: The Word is the Filter, Pray at All Times, Love Shapes Character, Go to Grow, Ministry through Relationships, Enjoy the Journey, and Partner with the Family

On average, kids and students who are connected at Grace Pointe spend only 2 hours each week involved in some type of church activity or program. With only 2 hours at church, we realize the importance and necessity of partnering with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family in spiritual formation and discipleship. You are the primary spiritual influencers in your child or student’s life, and we are here to support you! Our goal is to come alongside you and help equip you to make the most of every opportunity to point your kids and students to Jesus Christ. 

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Parent Toolbox

Parent ToolboxGet to know your child or student. Click here to view developmental guides that provide physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual distinctives for each age. For tools and resources designed to plan Family Experiences to help you pass down a legacy of faith through your home, visit our Family Experiences site. Click here for Kids Family Experiences (birth-5th grade), and click here for Student Family Experiences (6-12th grade).

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Henry Dutton, Family Pastor