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The Infant and Toddler Nursery at Grace Pointe Naperville, is available during Sunday worship services and for other special events such as the Thanksgiving Eve service and Christmas Eve service. Through thoughtful attention and care, volunteers begin demonstrating Christ’s love to our youngest children. Careful attention is given to ensure our nurseries are clean and safe. Choose a topic below to read about our Launch policies and procedures.

Please contact our Nursery Coordinator with any questions: Kellie Spreitzer at

We know that your child’s health and safety is your highest concern when dropping him/her off. With that in mind, we want to ensure that you are aware of the safety procedures we have in place:

– All volunteers submit to a background check.

– Two unrelated volunteers must be present in the room at all times.

– Children will be released only to the person who has the matching Guardian Receipt.

– Children with symptoms of illness are not permitted in our rooms.

– All snacks served in our nurseries are nut-, egg- and milk-free. Be sure we know about any allergies or medical conditions your child has.

– Used toys are washed before being returned to the play area and rooms are cleaned after use.

– Each crib has a clean sheet and blanket after use.

– If your child will not settle during the service or has any other need, we will page you.

Upon arrival you will be asked to complete a “Nursery Instructions” form, letting us know when your child might need a nap, what to feed him/her, if there are any allergies or other conditions of which we need to be aware, and any special instructions for your child. You will print a nametag and bag tag for your child and a Guardian Receipt which must be presented in order to pick up your child. Once you are comfortable that the volunteer staff knows how best to care for your child, we will invite him/her into the nursery.

Separation anxiety is a normal part of child development. While you are always welcome to enter the room with your child to help them find a favorite activity, typically children will adjust quickly if you say a quick goodbye and leave. If your child will not settle, we will page you.

Nursing mothers are welcome to join us in the Nursing Mom’s Room in the Infant Nursery. The service is live-streamed so you won’t have to miss the worship or teaching times.

In order to promote safety and excellence in ministry, we adhere to a ratio of 2 adults to 6 infants in the nursery and 2 adults to 10 toddlers. If the room is out of ratio or nearing its maximum, you may be asked to stay as a volunteer or your child may be asked to attend service with you.

Our nurseries are staffed with volunteers. Parents of regularly attending children will be scheduled to serve in the nursery once every four to six weeks.

Please be sure all personal items – e.g. sippy cup, diaper bag, coat – are clearly labeled with your child’s first name and last initial.