FAMILY:  Engaging our community to chip away at family stressors.

Grace Pointe Gibraltar Mission:

To see family stressors decrease and family health increase through priorities and practices that honor God and each other. We see this Gibraltar specifically addressing 7 areas: Marriages, Parenting, Education/Mentoring, Social Media/Technology, Family Priorities and Dynamics, Finances, and Elder Care.

How to get involved:

Pray– Pray for the wellbeing of our cities (Jeremiah 29:4-7), and pray that Gibraltars would fall as we joyfully engage and stand with people

Engage– No one knows your community like you do, join us as we collectively build relationships, start conversations, eat food, and engage our city. We have some wonderful resources to help you engage families where you live, work, and play. Check them out below!

Serve– Want to get involved, or learn more, about one of our upcoming outreach events? Sign up here!

For more information, contact Chris Gerwig:

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