We believe in the power of prayer and we’ve seen answers to prayer. Praying is simply talking with God intentionally and earnestly. We do that individually and corporately at Grace Pointe. We share requests and celebrate together when prayers are answered (even if they’re not always answered in the ways we might anticipate)

Weekly Prayer Journal:

Lists prayer needs for the congregation and is available on the prayer board.

Weekly Prayer Opportunities:

Join us in the prayer room during the following times:

• Sunday mornings at 10:15am

• Thursday mornings at 6am

Contact the Prayer Ministry Team:


Pray!Naperville is the uniting of Christians from various churches dedicated to pray for the city of Naperville and beyond.

“A prayer culture is rooted in clarity and conviction about community. I want to park on this just for a couple of minutes. People ask me all the time, “Which is more important—corporate prayer or private prayer?” My answer is, “Yes.” It’s like asking, “Which leg do you need to walk on more—your right leg or your left leg?” Well, let me tell you what’s happening in the American culture. We have fundamentally amputated our corporate prayer leg, and most of us are laying on our private prayer leg as a result. It takes both.”
“I would rather teach one man to pray, then 10 men to preach”  quoted Charles Spurgeon
High value of corporate prayer Jeremiah Lanphier:
“…for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”  Isaiah 56:7
“‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ “  Jesus,  Matthew 21:13