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Men’s Activities

Men today face many challenges, especially those looking for men’s activities in Naperville. It can be confusing to be a man in the 21st century. Men are supposed to be strong, yet sensitive; brave yet vulnerable; lead, yet be great teammates. On top of this it can be more difficult than ever for men to develop meaningful friendships with other men today. These complications have left men confused, frustrated, isolated, and often lonely.

The good news is, Grace Pointe Church offers many opportunities for men’s activities in Naperville.

Men’s Activities in Naperville

Whether you’re looking for friends or fun, Grace Pointe Church has multiple ways men can connect with other men through their vibrant men’s ministry. The Grace Pointe Men’s Ministry is all about helping men maximize their design and reach God’s peak purpose for their life.


If you’re a guy looking for fun, consider playing basketball in our church’s gym every week. You can learn more about the days/times guys gather to play HERE.

Friends and Fellowship

Men get together Saturday mornings to grow in their faith. During these fun and helpful meetings, men will connect with other guys while learning the skills necessary to fulfill God’s purpose for their life. You can learn more HERE.

Men Serving

Sometimes men are looking to make a difference in the world. There’s something special about a group of guys serving the world ¬†together. Our men’s ministry offers multiple opportunities throughout the year for me to serve locally, nationally and internationally.

Opportunities for Men

If you’re looking for men’s activities in Naperville, consider the exciting opportunities offered at Grace Pointe Church. Whether you’re new to faith, or have no idea what you believe, every man needs a safe place for fun.