Grace Pointe Naperville


Serving at Grace Pointe Church

Considering where you should serve at Grace Pointe Church is a process. We hope every regular attender at Grace Pointe Church will join the journey to find a place where they can invest their talents to make a difference in the lives of others. As you consider serving at Grace Pointe Church, here are three key points to remember:

1. You Play a Role

The Bible is very clear that every member of the church has a role to play in God’s kingdom. The apostle Paul compares the church to a body, reminding the church in Corinth that every person has a gift, and every gift matters. You have are gifted by God and play a critical role in God’s kingdom. The local church will only reach its full potential when every individual within the church reaches out and offers their gift to serve others and the world. The first step in serving at Grace Pointe Church is understanding that you are a gifted and your gifts can make a difference within the church.

2. Find Your Passion

You will find your most fulfillment while serving, if you are serving with passion. ¬†God has created you with certain gifts and passions. Our job is to use that passions to fuel our fire for service. When we serve in an area of passion, we’ll find we’re willing to work harder while feeling more fulfillment as we give. If you’re not sure what you’re passionate about, that’s ok. We’re ready to help you discover your personal passions. If’ you’re interested in pursuing your passions, CLICK HERE.

3. Jump In

Once you’ve discovered your passions, the best thing for you to do is simply jump in. Sometimes we hold off serving because a particular season is too stressful. So, we end up waiting until we find a less stressful season. But, because life will probably always be busy, sometimes the best thing to do is stop waiting and jump in. Explore opportunities to serve. Try out a position. If you try out a role and it’s not a good fit- no problem. Keep trying out positions until you find the place where your passion fuels your service. Serving at Grace Pointe church is also easy. If you have an idea of a place you’d like to serve, CLICK HERE, and sign up to serve today.