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Sharing Your Faith

Sharing your faith can feel overwhelming or even scary for some people. We may not always know how to bring it up or what to say. We might also be worried a person will ask us a question we won’t know how to answer. Some might fear outright rejection from a friend or family member. These are all reasonable concerns and if you feel them you’re not alone. But, the good news is sharing your faith doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, helping connect friends, family members, or even neighbors with God can be an exciting opportunity to observe God’s work in their life. Here are a few points to remember about sharing faith.

God’s Already at Work

God is at work around you.He wants your husband, neighbor, child, and random person you meet in the supermarket line to know Jesus. God’s spirit is working on the hearts of every person you meet in a day. As a follower of Jesus, we are given the opportunity to join God in his work on earth. He invites us to join Him in the work He is doing in people’s hearts. This opportunity should be exciting for every follower of Jesus. Regardless of how the words come out of our mouth, we can be confident that God will use whatever we say to draw people towards Himself.

Pray for People Far from God

God’s not looking for perfect people to share their faith, he’s looking for people present and praying for those who are far from God. The best way to share your faith is to begin by praying for people far from God. Look for opportunities to build genuine friendships with people who feel far from God. Praying for people often opens our hearts  and increases our awareness of their spiritual needs.

If you are looking to share your faith, find for opportunities to build new friendships. This might mean spending more time outside meeting your neighbors. You might consider joining a local club or social group in order to meet people. It will be more difficult to share our faith if we only spend time with Christian friends and family. Once you branch out, you will begin to  meet people far from God that God will lay on your heart for prayer.

More Than a Gospel Presentation

Sharing your faith is more than a mere gospel presentation. If you’re not sure how to explain salvation, there are three things you can do. First, ask people what they believe. If you know someone far from God, simply ask them questions about their beliefs. You don’t need to feel any pressure to share your beliefs right away. Instead, fully focus on what they believe and why. Second, simply share what you love about your faith. If someone asks what you believe, don’t feel like you have to have all the answers. Instead, simply share what led you to attend church and what you love about being a follower of Jesus. Third, invite people to church. Inviting people to attend church with you is the easiest and one of the most effective evangelistic strategies. If you are looking to share your faith with a friend, consider inviting them to church with you.