Immediate Opportunities to Serve

We want to pour fuel on your fire. You might be interested in serving in many areas at Grace Pointe, so let’s see if we can’t narrow down some options. Below are different areas for potential service. Simply click on a toggle and read more about some opportunities to serve in that area, along with an email to let someone know (a) where/how you’d like to serve or (b) if there’s more you’d like to learn (via conversation, asking questions in an email, etc.). We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to connect you with a ministry opportunity.

Start with an area you might enjoy. Remember, it’s God’s design that everyone in a church serves somewhere. Let’s serve together!

Ever wonder why the book of Psalms tells us to “praise Him with the [insert many different instruments here]”? In Ephesians 5, we’re instructed to make music and sing for the Lord. Playing music, performing music, acting, painting, and creating artistically are all talents that God loves to see used for His glory. We want to help you unleash your talents to become acts of worship before our Lord.

Top 5 Service Starters

  1. Sing or play an instrument. The audition process is relatively easy and we want to help you serve in a variety of ways – children, high school, worship services, special events, etc.
  2. Act. Be a part of performing skits that help others see principles from God’s Word.
  3. Audio & Video. Serve behind the scenes via audio or video tech. Help us create and share stories.
  4. Teach. Serve at Grace Pointe by teaching someone else how to play an instrument and then use it for God’s glory.
  5. Creative set design. We’re constantly looking at how to create “sets” either on-stage or around the campus that would provide a space where others can engage meaningfully.

Interested or have other ideas? Please contact: Josiah Webster (

So glad you’re interested in Route 252 Ministries! Route 252 stands for a Bible verse:  “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” – Luke 2:52

There are many ways you can help kids to know and follow Jesus. To your right, we’ve highlighted just five. But this is NOT an exhaustive list! Our goal is to provide you with a few ideas for starting in service and make sure you know who to contact for a conversation.

Kids are a wonderful gift of God. The more they are surrounded with adults who genuinely care about them and their journey of faith, the fewer barriers they may have to follow Jesus wholeheartedly as they grow.

Top 5 Service Starters:

1. Love on babies. By serving this way, you provide moms & dads confidence that their babies are loved and secure. This keeps their heart & minds on what God is saying rather than any worries they may have about their children.

2.  Co-lead a group on Sunday or Wednesday (2 year olds – 6th grade). Co-leading does three things:

  • Serves kids by providing them with some consistency. Adults who are interested and investing on a regular basis have tremendous influence.
  • It helps distribute the work from one person’s shoulders.
  • It provides greater imagination/creativity in leadership for helping kids grow in their relationship with Christ.

3. Help with Security. We try hard to have a safe environment, but we need your help in keeping kids safe and secure.

4. Kids Events: Be a part of a team that organizes and leads events for kids

5. Special Needs: serve as a buddy for a child with special needs.

Interested or have other ideas? Please contact: Dorothy Foster:

So glad you’re interested in Student Ministries! Students include:

Junior High (7/8th) – High School (9-12th) – College

There are many ways you can help students to know and follow Jesus. To your right, we’ve highlighted just five. But this is NOT an exhaustive list! Our goal is to provide you with a few ideas for starting in service and make sure you know who to contact for a conversation.

Students (yes, even teens) are a wonderful gift of God. The more they are surrounded by adults who genuinely care about them and their journey of faith, the fewer barriers they may have to follow Jesus wholeheartedly as they grow.

Top 5 Service Starters:

1. Lead a small group. We can always use men and women to pour into other students. We’ll provide the training and curriculum.

2. Help with Events: create, organize or participate

  • Camps or Mission Trips
  • Outreach Events
  • Small Group Trips

3. Tutor. Sometimes students just need help in a subject or a life skill.

4. College Outreach: Help plan college outreach events & invitations on the various colleges in the area

5. College Life Group: help start and lead a college life group

Interested or have other ideas? Please contact: Emerson Bandemer:

So glad you’re interested in serving Adults! There are so many ways you can help, as we need each other to develop in our spiritual maturity.

You don’t have to know much. Just be one small step ahead.

There are many ways you can help adults to know and follow Jesus. To your right, we’ve highlighted just five. But this is NOT an exhaustive list! Our goal is to provide you with a few ideas for starting in service and make sure you know who to contact for a conversation.

We want to help one another narrow the distance beween God’s call and our capacity to respond in the attitudes and actions of Jesus. This means learning, leaning, and leaping forward in faith.

Top 5 Service Starters:

1. Start a new Life Group. It doesn’t take much to start a new life group. All you need is a willingness to open up your home, a commitment to be consistent, and a willingness to follow-up with the group. Some life groups meet one time per month. Others meet every week. What’s important is to: 1) commit as a group to meet, (2) meet being ready to learn from one another. We’ll provide you with training, a good group format, and even some possibilities for meeting with others in your area.

2. Teach a Class. A class is like a Life Group that meets every week, but on Sunday mornings. Because of the time, it tends to be larger. If you have the gift of teaching, talk with us so we can help determine how and where to best use that gift.

3. Mentor Others. We have a very easy mentoring system where you can meet one-on-one with others to help disciple them. It’s called “Becoming, 1 & 2.” We’ll train you to meet with others, discipling them in the basics of the faith.

4. Older Adult Ministry: Serve our older adults by visiting with them on occasion, praying with them, and letting them know that Grace Pointe loves them!

5. Outreach Events: help bring some outreach events to the city and within the Body to life!

Interested or have other ideas? Please contact: Larry Jacob:

So glad you’re interested in Prayer Ministries! At Grace Pointe, one of our core values is to “Pray At All Times.” This means that individually, we keep prayer as a priority, but we also intentionally create space and opportunities for prayer.

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” – 1 John 5:4

Praying with one another – in an intercessory way, in spiritual warfare, in seeing new opportunities – is key to the heart of God’s church.

Top 5 Service Starters:

1. Join a Prayer Group. We have prayer groups that meet throughout the week. They pray over our church and over individuals.

2. Co-lead prayer events:

Prayer walking the city of Naperville.
Working on concerts of prayer for our city, nation, or neighbors.

3. Pray with others on Sunday mornings. In our worship services, we like to have people come to the front simply to pray with others. Choose to be one of those who comes forward to pray with people as they bring their burdens, hopes, and joys before the Father.

4. House Visitation: A part of our prayer ministry is being available to go to homes or businesses (when requested) to pray over them and with them for a variety of reasons.

5. Pray Naperville. This is an event that was organized within Grace Pointe to bring other churches together in prayer for our city and for the social issues in our region.

Interested or have other ideas? Please contact: Larry Jacob:

So glad you’re interested in helping Grace Pointe to be a place that welcomes others!

Imagine someone who musters up the courage to come to a church. We want to reward that courage by helping them see, hear and feel God’s love among His people. This is a ministry where the small, simple things: a smile, a handshake, a walk across the room, a wave, a conversation, all matter in profound ways. Most people will say that they joined a church in part because of the preaching and ministries, but mostly because of the connections that they made. It’s those connections that allow us to journey together.

Top 5 Service Starters:

1. Adopt a section by being a section leader. In our sanctuary, we have several sections divided up (they change depending on the number of people or the context of the service). Each section has a section leader. This is someone who is there to provide materials, give a warm smile and handshake, and create an environment where others feel welcomed.

2. Welcome others in the parking lot or at the front door. From the moment someone drives on our campus, we want them to know that even as God planned for them, so too, has His church. We create an impression of organization and care by helping others know where to park, connecting people with one another, and providing a sense of warmth and welcome as others are starting their day and determining their attitudes and actions driving in.

3. Connection Events. Four times per year, we try to provide opportunities for folks to connect with one another relationally. In the past, we’ve had International Food Festivals, Chili Cook-offs, Harvest Festivals, etc. By serving in this area, you’re facilitating ways for others to make relationships that could impact their lives forever.

4. Welcome Desk: Greeting is only half of a resource. Usually after folks have gotten the feel of a place, they start to look for information and help. That’s what our welcome area is for! This is a ministry where you can serve others by being a friendly resource – a point of connection – to information, ministry or another person.

5. Party Resource: During our stretch year, we will have online resources to help people throw parties to meet neighbors and have conversations they might not otherwise have. You can help serve by becoming a party resource person. We’ll train you on how to throw a party so that you can serve as a reference point for others throwing parties! This involves simple coaching, celebration, and follow-up.

Interested or have other ideas? Please contact: Larry Jacob:

Some of the greatest mission work in history was done by women seeking to minister to other women. The truth is that there are some challenges that can often be gender or role-specific. The Bible recognizes this by encouraging older women to teach younger women. It also indicates that women often partnered together to serve in faith and life.

Top 5 Service Starters:

1. Help set-up and serve in a women’s event. Each year, there are several women’s events. Each event is unique and designed to encourage and build up women in faith.

2. Be a mentor or coach. Aside from incredible ministries like Apples of Gold (an invitation-only mentoring program), serve by being assigned to another woman as a mentor/coach/voice of encouragement. We’ll help you figure out what to do and how to do it. It might be as simple as a weekly check-up, a monthly breakfast, or a time of prayer together. It might be as much as reading a passage of Scripture together or going through a book together. By “adopting” another woman in the church, you become a voice of faith and life to her.

3. Love and serve older women. We have senior women saints who need a caring voice and heart to let them know that they’re valued and loved on.

4. Mom’s in Prayer/Support: Pray weekly with other moms for schools and children. Find ways to be a blessing to teachers, schools, and one another.

5. Crafts/Hobbies: Share your craft/hobby with other women by teaching them and working on a project together. In this way, you can serve one another, have fun, and also reach out to other women in the area. Hobbies are gender-neutral can include anything: running, cooking, sewing/knitting, etc. What makes it gender-specific is who you invite to join in!

Interested or have other ideas? Please contact: Larry Jacob:

“But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness.” – 1 Timothy 6:11

It takes a brave heart to be a man of God. Men serving men can be the key that unlocks the potential to transforming families, churches, and societies. As we build one another up – iron sharpening iron – we discover that God desires godly men!

Top 5 Service Starters:

1. Men’s Outreach. Help serve men by finding funs ways to connect where they live, work, and play.

2. Serve in Bravehearts. Bravehearts meets early Saturday mornings during the fall and spring. Serve through setting up, tearing down, etc.

3. Mentor/Coach. Some men are going through job transitions. Others are learning how to be better husbands, fathers, or employees. Help men work through those transitions through coaching them to find the right skills.

4. Sports: Sports are universal, and men tend to love sports. Help arrange for a sports team, recreational game day, or some other way to utilize sports (fantasy leagues, college playoffs, Super Bowls, baseball games, etc.) to connect men together and develop relationships.

5. Use your Hobby: We learn woodworking not by a book, but generally by someone who teaches woodworking. The same is true of cars, sailing, biking, running, or any number of other hobbies. Use your hobby to start a group and find ways to serve men in teaching your hobby to them.

Interested or have other ideas? Please contact: Larry Jacob:

Sometimes the greatest act of service is as simple as setting up a chair or table. Don’t confuse fame with greatness. The kingdom of God is often moved forward by men and women who facilitate environments so that others can step into a blessing.

Top 5 Service Starters:

1. Set-up or Tear-down classes. We have classes that meet Sunday mornings requiring setting up and tearing down.

2. Set-up or Tear-down chairs in the sanctuary. One size does not fit all. We want every worship service to meet the needs of those attending for that morning.

3. Set-up or Tear-down for Special Events. There are things happening nearly every week at Grace Pointe that require a little extra help. These sometimes include off-site events.

4. Setting up or Tearing down for set-designs or transitions on stage.

5. Setting up or tearing down outdoor elements on the campus. This might be as simple as landscaping or also looking at storage solutions/transportation. This is especially important around Christmas and Easter.

Interested or have other ideas? Please contact: Jim George:

Jesus was a carpenter. Paul was a tentmaker. Some people are good at fixing engines. Others are good at building storage units. The point is this: if you have a heart for fixing things or building things, God wants to use that to His glory!

Top 5 Service Starters:

1. Fix cars for those who need it. Work on a motor or two for folks who need a helping hand.

2. Build stuff for the church. There’s plenty of projects at the church that require attention, time, and creativity.

3. Paint or do yardwork for those in need.

4. Home repairs for others. On occasion a family may need something repaired requiring basic handyman skills.

5. Teach a course on gaining a practical skill. There’s a whole generation that doesn’t know how to make a bookcase or change the oil…and would love to learn!

Interested or have other ideas? Please contact: Jim George:

The world needs people who can help with the organization of things. Did you know that this was true even of the twelve disciples and the early church? Those who love to organize and facilitate through administration/organization have a tremendous contribution to the Body of Christ!

Top 3 Service Starters:

1. Be a volunteer admin for a department. Each department has a variety of administrational and organizational needs that can use your help.

2. Organize special events. For everything ranging from youth mission trips to Campus to Campus events, we can use your organizational skills.

3. Work with our office on overarching organization. Help our church get the right things in the right spots. You might be seeing something we’re missing that would help us be more efficient or user-friendly.

Interested or have other ideas? Please contact: Kristi Griffis:

Still unsure where to get started in serving within the church? Here are 5 ways to move forward from here.

1. Take a Spiritual Gifts inventory. We can connect you with a tool that will help you discover what your spiritual gifts are.

2. Have a conversation. Sometimes the best way to figure out what to do next is to have a conversation. Talk with someone in our C&C department, or go to a trusted friend. Ask them where they believe might be a great fit for you to begin.

3. Try it out. Go into a department or area and try it out. Ask to shadow someone to see what serving there might be like.

4. Read a book. We can connect you with books on service, talents, and spiritual gifts within the church.

5. Start small. Start by being a voice of encouragement to others. Take a small step to serve someone else simply by writing a card, sending an email, having a word of prayer, or some other way to help cheer them on in their spiritual journey of faith.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact Larry Jacob at